The Racism Of African Americans

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The embedment of racism into American society has created severe disadvantages for African Americans. In addition to the negative effects of individual racism, systemic racism 's crushing discrimination has devastated the African Americans in this country. Due to the horrors of systemic racism many African Americans find themselves at economic and social disadvantages. The education opportunities they encounter are far more limited than the ones White Americans do. As a result, African Americans often achieve fewer educational successes than their white counterparts. The lack of opportunities for African Americans leads to higher rates of crime. Furthermore, the discrimination faced by African Americans, in particular males, attributes to the exceptionally high incarceration rate of blacks in the prison systems. These negative effects can also lead to many mental health issues. The problems of racism, both systemic and individual, represent systems that inherently benefit White Americans over African Americans. Thus, this paper intends to convey the presence of racism that permeates American society.

The Prevalence of Racism Against African Americans in American Society The racism against African Americans exists in both past and present. White Americans historically subordinate treatment of African Americans characterizes and directly impacts the social and economic disadvantages many blacks find themselves at today. According to Yancy (2015), "about 80…
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