The Racism Of Sports : A Commentary On Surveillance, Race Talk, And New Racism

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Racialization is the process in which etho-racial groups get marginalized on the racial hierarchy that is constructed by White supremacists (Henry & Tator, 2010, pp. 319). Sports are social institutions that reinforce racial hierarchies in Canada (Henry & Tator, 2010, pp. 243). Although it is commonly denied that there is any racism in Canada, racism in sports has manifested through dominant media narratives, surveillance, and imagery in sports.
Venus, Serena, and the Inconspicuous Consumption of Blackness: A commentary on Surveillance, Race Talk, and New Racism
White dominated spaces are gradually becoming more racially diverse in the U.S. population. That being said, Whites are coming up with strategies that are used to further marginalize ethno-racial groups such as surveillance. Surveillance is when people observe other people and provide continuous images of specific groups to influence public attitudes and opinions (Douglas, 2012, pp. 128). Douglas argues that, in the case of the Williams’ sisters, the mass media has become a key tool in monitoring their activities both on and off the tennis courts by examining racialized assumptions about tennis, the amount of recognition the sisters get in the media, and their family life. For a long time, White supremacist ideas explained that successful Black women tennis players were not…

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