The Racist Issues Of The Sport Industry

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The Racist issues of the Sport Industry Sports as an industry is quickly evolving into a grand, formless entity with many avenues, opportunities for scholar-practitioners, and segments that have prolonged the business of sports like never before. But, not quite in the racial area of the sports world, whether it is in the media or through personal experiences, Racism has always been a part of history, but today, it seems as if theirs have been modestly an acceptance of racism. As the industry expands a growing blend between the worlds of sports and entertainment has also formed, linking the two together, and bringing entertainment to the forefront in sports in terms of sponsorships, marketing, athlete representation, team ownership and sports law have effected. Professional American athletes should be against prejudice and racism in sports because it created prejudice and unequal right for speech and protest while amplifying prejudice in professional sports leagues such as the NBA and NFL.
For a further discussion of racism as it pertains to the sports as an industry, it is important to determine and group these vital components individually so that an informed perspective concerning the landscape and future of sports as an industry can be obtained. While there are still issues of race in sports today, there are different ways than those seen in prior eras. Societies are observing the racism and discernment that are going on in the sports. These notorious acts
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