The Radar System Essay

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In aviation, radar system used to detect aircraft, weather formations and terrain. Radar system uses radio waves to determine the range, altitude, direction and speed of objects. Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR) and Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) are installed in ground-based Air Traffic Control (ATC) radar system. PSR is a radar system that detects the positions of the aircraft within the control area and weather conditions. SSR is a radar system that detects the positions of the aircraft and receives additional information, for example, the aircraft's identity, altitude and distance. Both PSR and SSR antennas are co-located and work as an integral system. The Raytheon Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR-11) is a National Airspace System (NAS) certified ATC radar system and deployed worldwide to over 125 sites.
The radar system
a)Capabilities of the system
PSR is a independent surveillance, with no additional on-board equipment is required for detection. PSR allows the air traffic controller to monitor the aircraft in the airspace, when no aircraft can remain invisible. PSR determine only the position of the aircraft when the beam of energy hits an aircraft and reflected back to the direction the reflection comes from and weather conditions. The position will sent to the ATC system where it displayed to the air traffic controller as a radar blip.
The SSR associated with PSR and requires transponder to be installed onboard as it is a radio receiver and…