The Radiation And Its Health Effects

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After reviewing the Radiation and Its Health Effects section, review the health effects and expected life lost graph. How many days or years does an average person lose due to radiation exposure versus cigarette smoking? Were you surprised by the number of days or years lost to radiation versus cigarette smoking? Why or why not? From the table, the life expectancy lost annually due to a typical background radiation of 360 millirems is 18 days compared to 6 days for smoking a pack of cigarette a day. I would have to say, the numbers are not surprising to me at all. I believe radiations from nuclear materials are very potent facilitators of carcinogenesis and DNA damages in humans. Hence, it is not surprising that radiation shortens the life expectancy humans than cigarette smoking. However, the compounded effect of both annual background radiation from natural sources and cigarettes, in addition to the carcinogenic effect of smoking would give a person that smokes a life expectancy loss of over 24 days per year (“Radiation and its health,”2014). Summarize the section How the NRC Protects You section. Be sure to describe what the NRC is doing to help reduce our exposure to radiation. As more information becomes available to the public about the detrimental effect of excessive radiation on human health, the United States government has entrusted the NRC with protecting of the public from exposure to nuclear products. To this end, the NRC is constantly putting out
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