The Radical And The Republican

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The Radical and the Republican Paper The Radical and the Republican by author James Oakes is an account of two idols that conquest over struggle during a time of great crisis, solidified in a specialist historian’s expertise of various writings on abolitionism, Abraham Lincoln, and the Civil War era. While Oakes is vigilant to dodge the evident dangers of hero-worship, his compassion for both Lincoln and Douglass is evident throughout. Oakes received the Lincoln Prize for his work on this manuscript which was published in 2007. Oakes: an American historian, professor of history and graduate school humanities at the City University of New York, teaches history courses on the American Civil War and Reconstruction, Slavery, the Old South, Abolitionism and U.S. and World History. Oakes taught previously at Princeton University and Northwestern University. Oakes keeps the reader hooked at every turn of the page by switching back and forth between Abraham Lincoln’s (republican); who pledged to the democratic ethics of the Declaration of Independence, in trying to attain a more perfect union, and his central role in progressing the cause of slave freedom, first by issuing the Emancipation Proclamation, following by giving full support to a constitutional amendment that would end slavery all together, and Fredrick Douglass (radical); who in turn began to temper his ethical tyranny with his own brand of hardheaded realism, concluding with their well-known meetings in the White
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