The Radical Social Nationalist Party

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In conjunction with the primary leadership of the Ba’ath party, the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP) was another political institution that relied heavily on Marxist ideology imported through the French mandate into the Syrian elite classes. The arrival of the SSNP during the early 1930s provided a backdrop the Marxist influence of Ba’ath party officials that had transposed Marxist ideology into the nationalist movement. The founder of the SSNP, Atun Sa’adeh, was a leading figure in the nationalist movement to transform Syria into socialist nation, which was primarily based on the foundation of European education that the French had imposed as part of their colonial policies under the mandate. Sa’adeh’s own socialist rhetoric was a powerful force, alongside Ba’ath party officials, to transform the country into a socialist nation within the context of a truly nationalist movement:
Ever since the hour in which our social national ideology began to bring together thoughts and feelings, to unite forces of youth threatened with dispersion by the political and national chaos that blanket our country, and to transform this into a new system (nizam) with new methods, deriving its life from the new nationalism, namely the system of the Syrian Social Nationalist party.
During the French mandate, the resistance to French occupation was a blend of local governing ideology in the use of “Nizam” (meaning “system” in Arabic) as an Arabic interpretation of European socialism. For…
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