The Radio And Its Impact On America

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In the 1920s there was no ABC news. No sports announcements. No CD players. No television. Before the 1920s they only had newspapers and live sports. Then, the radio came. In the 1920s and 30s the radio impacted culture by informing the public of news, bringing together America’s music and sports, and even uniting America to stop the Great Depression and restore faith in government. The radio was first invented in 1895. At first, people were unaware of the possible uses radios would eventually have. Twenty five years after the radio was invented, the beginning of commercial broadcasting radio stations began with the KDKA in Pittsburgh. During that time, the war began a mass production of radios which let more common households own them instead of radios being a rich people’s toy, as they were considered previously. Radios sales spread as radios were cheaper and people had more money to spend in the 1920s. By the end of the decade more than twelve million households owned radios. Radios changed America through news as people changed from reading newspapers to listening to the radio starting November 2, 1920, which was more convenient and frequent. Unlike newspapers, radios could broadcast information live instead of waiting for the next day’s paper, therefore they began to rival the popularity of newspapers (Britannica). People could hear events immediately and could do so while cooking or doing other activities. This allowed America to be more informed more efficiently
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