The Radio And Media Company

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This internship program has given me a opportunity to know about a new industry and also in a new filed where i can place my feet to plan for the future and also it have give me an alternate option in my career. Since it is a internship I am granted to make mistake while experimenting different way of doing the marketing strategies, because it is one of the best way we can learn to get better and also i got to do it on a live dynamic market it has given me a lot of input about the do 's and don 'ts on the marketing business.
The purpose of the report is to write about my research done about the company and their business during my internship period and explain my findings and views about the JAMROCK RADIO AND MEDIA Company.
I have done a research about the current radio industries and their marketing strategies in which are all the ways they the specific and also in the diverse market. I have identified some of the marketing strategies and according to my view the strategies I have informed the JAMROCK RADIO AND MEDIA Company which would make them to get more reach in the B2B and B2C market segment.

Jamrock Media CIC was established in 2007 after they delivered their first successful course with Connexions. The Company currently has 3 directors Michael Harris, Charles Anthony Morgan and Marlon Morgan. Jamrock Media Community Interest Company has no subsidiaries. Jamrock Media CIC is a youth led Community Interest Company which provide training to…
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