The Radio Rings Out, By Raymond Fire Call

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It is 2 AM when the radio rings out, “Raymond Fire call, Raymond Fire call, a structure fire with confirmed party trapped.” In an instant men from all walks of life spring into action. The only common thread they share is that of a desire to serve their community. All knowing what they might face, yet none prepared for the task they are about to undertake. For as the first units are making ready and racing towards the scene, the radio again rings out, “Be advised, confirmed structure fire with an 8 year old trapped inside”. Hearts race, motors rev, and vision tunnels as the worst is confirmed. Upon arrival to the scene, the facts somehow change the course of reality. For the house is fully involved and in any other case it would be obvious that no safe entry would be made. Yet this instance calls for something different. Doesn’t it? As the reality sets in that there is nothing to be done and that no possible safe rescue can be made, a silence falls over the men feverishly trying to extinguish the blaze. Nevertheless, while the job is done when the flames are out, the heroic task lay upon the men to recover the boy. Two young men both white, from similar upbringings, that happen to be roommates find the boy and are tasked with baring his remains from the structure. The rest of the crew stands guard in the form of a human wall to block the views of onlookers and news cameras as the two carry the boy from the charred remnants of the home. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is

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