The Radioactive Iodine Uptake Of The Thyroid Gland

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The radioactive iodine uptake is the measure of the amount of iodine avidity of the thyroid gland (Cooper, 2003).Physician use RAI to find the functional condition of the thyroid nodules (Panneerselvan et al., 2013).RAIU is measured at different time intervals mostly 24 hour after the administration of the isotope, the RAIU is inversely proportional to the concentration of iodine in the plasma and directly proportional to the thyroid functional state (Little, 2006).
Radioactive iodine scans are also useful in patient who show a sign of thyrotoxicosis, it helps in finding out the cause, in which hyperthyroidism is a type of thyrotoxicosis that give rise to an increase in uptake, specifically graves’ disease which has a consistent uptake
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• Color flow Doppler (CFD) can also be used to further confirm the diagnosis, it measures the blood flow in the thyroid gland, which is increase in the hyperthyroid GD patient. (Menconi et al., 2014).This test is useful in differentiating other cause of thyrotoxicosis which have a lower blood flow to the thyroid; examples include painless and sub-acute thyroiditis. Also CFD can substitute radioactive iodine uptake (RAIU) as it is contraindicated in pregnancy (Menconi et al., 2014).
As the patient is pregnant, if the condition is not treated, pregnancy complications can occur as a result of the hyperthyroidism, this adverse effect include spontaneous abortion, premature delivery (PD),
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