The Raegan Administration as Having Altered the American Political Agenda

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The Raegan Administration as Having Altered the American Political Agenda

To understand why the Reagan presidency was so unique first one must understand transformation of the presidency. The post-1932 modern presidency differs from the modern presidency in three ways unique ways.

The first reason is that the modern president have grown stronger, and thus expanded and developed independence to create policy. The second reason is that the president's role in shaping the annual legislative agenda and influencing congress has been institutionalised. The third reason is that in the modern presidency, there has been a large expansion in official presidential staff. In 1937 President Franklin D.
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Reagan was much liked because he offered a broad appeal, he shared the notions of people such as Goldwater but Reagan would be much liked. One thing the American public hates is an out spoken candidate, and that's what people such as Goldwater was, so Reagan was the ideal candidate. Goldwater was the extreme right of the Republican Party, Goldwater often criticised the policies of Dwight Eisenhower. He described his social policies as "dime - store New Deal" and strongly opposed the president's decisions to use federal troops at little rock. Goldwater also believed that Eisenhower was too soft on trade unions and complained about his failure o balance the budget.

Reagan had an attractive personality and also had a good style as a political performer, this made Reagan a strong candidate, his notions and his ideology made him a candidate who might be able to represent conservative views, and more importantly be electable. Many candidates with strong political views, sometimes forget their political position once they are elected into office. However Reagan made it his goal to be true to his conservative principles, which he had been compiling
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