The Rae's Evaluation Form

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Q – 1 SG Cowen New Recruits
The Rae’s evaluation form has been well designed to evaluate each candidate. Choosing only one assessment method is hard; however, leadership is one of the best assessment method among the others to find a right person for an organization. KSA-Based assessments can be applied for this method. The structured interview is a best way to assess a candidate for the SG Cowen. This type of interview consists of a certain set of questions that are designed to evaluate candidates for the SG Cowen. Study has shown that there is 51% validity for the structured interviews. Although the cost of this assessment is high but it is a best way to find a candidate that will be fit for an organization such as SG Cowen. This kind
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However, this plan associated with several problems which brought down the profit and reputation of the Safelite and can be analyse through the behavioral evaluation methods and the comparative evaluation methods. The problems that was created by the PPP were: customer satisfaction, and internal completion, or in the other words, inability to differentiate between self and other.
Customer satisfaction is a key to any business, because happy customers can lead to more sales and profit. After the PPP introduced by the Safelite, mangers pushed their technicians to do more jobs and work faster. The technicians themselves were also work faster too, because they were received higher pay. The management team at Safelite were asked to install a certain number of glass units per day which caused stores versus each other. These problems as a whole bring down the customer satisfaction, because technicians tried to do installation as quickly as possible, so this made a quality problem. For instance, windshields were not properly installed. Although other technicians were sending to do re-installation of the same job with no pay – which caused unhappy technician – but customers were unhappy because they should reschedule their time for the same job. In other cases, technicians did not vacuum up the broken glass in customer’s car, so they can rush to the next job.
The internal competition was a problem to Safelite Auto Glass, because employees
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