The Rain Came

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THE RAIN CAME GRACE OGOT I. A. VOCABULARY WORDS Luo -a tribe in Northern Kenya and Uganda consecrated-to be inducted into a position rebuked-to be criticized Oganda-“beans” enviable-good fortune that is envied/desired by other people siala tree-acacia tree, is the strongest tree in the desert. It can go many months, years even, without water. hoarse-making a harsh, low sound faint-lacking strength; weak karlamo-the sacred place torrents- a stream of water flowing with great rapidity and violence B. SETTING The story is set in Kenya, where the Luo tribe had settled near Lake Victoria. The village was facing a severe drought and was in desperate need for rain. The tribe strongly believed in the role of their…show more content…
d) Falling action Osinda caught Oganda before she jumps into the water. He encouraged her to escape from being sacrificed and that they will go far away from the village. She was convinced and they are going to use coats which are made from the twigs of Bwombwe to escape. e) Resolution As Osinda and Oganda move far away from the lake, the rain started to pour as the thunders roared. E. CONFLICT Man vs. Society The story has been focused on the tradition that the village has. They believe on sacrificial offerings of life to appease their gods so that it will rain. Oganda has been chosen to be offered and that she cannot do anything but to do so and all the villagers were even happy for her to be sacrificed. Man vs. Nature All the people in the village are suffering because it has been a long time since it rained so they are experiencing drought. II. REACTION OR REFLECTION REVISION OF THE ENDING OF THE STORY The villagers rejoiced because it rained and again there is enough water. Oganda and Osinda returned to the village. They were given a warm welcome and this was the start of the new changes in the village. COMMENT Oganda was very obedient. She did not even try to flee or escape during her journey although she can easily do so because she was just alone. She continued to go to the lake as if this was really on her own
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