The Rain Came

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“The Rain Came” by a renowned African writer Grace Ogot, is a story developed on the background of cultural reality of the people called ‘Luo” in Kenya. She has tried to picture out the traditional culture of African people prior the European civilization influenced it. The story enlightens us how traditional people blindly believed in baseless and rootless practices without any judgment of rationality of their activities. Their faith in myths and reverence towards their ancestors who are no more on the earth is greater than their lives. They are ready to sacrifice their beloved ones and to be sacrificed but can not go against the faiths they have been adopting for long. Similarly, the story is attempting to reveal and show the cruel and …show more content…
Oganda has hallucination of happy life after her marriage with Osinda, due to the crowd involving in singing and dancing at the hut of the chief. But she gets shocked to find the reality. She amazes to find the unlimited happiness of the people in the disastrous situation of chieftain’s family. After formal ceremony before she is sent to death, she sets out to the sacred lake for the sake of people. During the journey people shows affection but none ventures to stop her and save her life. At the lake, when she is at the mouth of the so called monster, her heart seeking beloved boy Osinda approaches to her and rescues from there. Though she can not be killed by the monster, the heavy rain falls in torrent at that night.
Grace Ogot in Brief
Grace Ogot was born in 1930 in Nyanza Province of central Kenya. She took nursing training in Uganda and in England. She has worked as a BBC Overseas Service broadcaster, a tutor, as journalist, and in a managerial capacity for the Air India Corporation of East Africa. She was the first African midwife in England..In 1984 she became one of only a handful of women to serve as a Member of Parliament and the only woman assistant minister in the cabinet. Ogot has since held various Ambassadorial posts, representing her country at the United Nations and UNESCO. Ogot was a founding member of the Writers’ Association of Kenya. She married the historian Professor Bethwell Allan Ogot a Luo from Gem

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