The Rain Tree in the Valley

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Once upon a time, in a beautiful valley, there lived a rain tree. It was tall and big, and very wise, but many years had past since anyone came to the beautiful valley. The birds and the butterflies came and went, and the rain tree was lonely. One day, a little squirrel came to the valley to pick some nuts, and when it ran under the big rain tree, a lily seed dropped out of its furry tail. After a few days, a little lily popped up from under the big rain tree. It was small and weak, and it would die soon because the big rain tree took away all the food and water. Every time the rain came, or the sun shone, the little lily would stretch its toes, or its neck, to get as much food and water as possible, but every time, the big rain tree would suck up everything. Soon enough, the little lily was getting weaker, so it decided to set up a partnership with the big rain tree. One day, it spoke up. “Hello sir, may I have a minute?” The rain tree, hearing voices for the first time in forever, was startled. He looked around, but there was no one around. I must be so lonely, he thought, I’m even imagining voices. “Sir! Right down here!” The little lily raised her voice. The rain tree, shocked, looked around again. “Over here!” Lily shouted at the top of her lungs. The rain tree followed the little voice it heard, and finally, it saw the lily. “Well hello there!” he said, bending over. His voice was low, soft and gentle. The little lily smiled, and asked as nicely as she could,

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