The Rainbow Community Center Of Contra Costa County

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Rainbow Community Center (RCC) The purpose of this paper is to examine the current programing at The Rainbow Community Center of Contra Costa County (RCC), as well as the current measures it uses for evaluating the services they provide. The program will be described with an emphasis on the counseling and case management programs, which currently do not have a method of gaining the clients’ perspective of how well a counseling or case management session went. A needs assessment for the Counseling and Case Management Programs will be provided along with suggested improvements and an improved evaluation tool suggestion. Description of the Agency History & Community Setting In 1992, there were no agencies, in Contra Costa County, that…show more content…
The other 20 percent comes from grants from the cities of Concord and Walnut Creek, the Contra Costa Public Health – HIV Program, foundations, fundraisers, and fees for service (B. Schlichtig, personal communication, January 24, 2017). Staffing The staff at RCC is fluid, ranging from 8 to 10 full time and 10 to 13 part-time paid employees. Many of the paid staff are responsible for more than one job. The intern programs also vary; the Mental Health program varies from 3 to 8, MFTi and ACSW interns, the Case Management program varies from 6 to 8 MSW interns. The diversity of the paid staff is narrow with much of staff are Caucasian, while only 6 staff members are People of Color. (B. Schlichtig, personal communication, January 24, 2017) Services The RCC offers services to LGBTQ youth, through Operation Q, which includes social activities, advocacy/support in the schools and outside community, one-on-one counseling/case management, and family support. Operation Q is split into two age groups, Skittles ages 10 to 13 and a group for 14 to 20-olds. Another program that the RCC offers is the Kind Hearts Food Pantry which serves the seniors in the community and those with HIV/Aids. RCC has a program directed at the LGBTQ senior community that offers twice monthly lunches and other socialization opportunities. In support of the community members with HIV/AID the RCC offers support groups and counseling. Then there is the Behavioral Health

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