The Rainbow/Push Coalition: An Interest Group Analysis

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Interest groups are structured groups which try to influence government to adopt certain policies or measures. The responsibilities of an interest group can be never-ending. One of the main responsibilities of an interest group is giving the underrepresented a chance to speak out on issues they are passionate about. The Rainbow/Push Coalition is an interest group I believed I would be passionate about.
The Rainbow/Push Coalition is an interest group with a desire to “protect, defend, and gain civil rights by leveling the economic and educational playing fields, and to promote peace and justice around the world” (rainbowpush). I selected the Rainbow/Push Coalition as my interest group because my junior year in high school I took a human rights course. Through my human rights class, I became extremely interested in social justice issues and equality for all. The group works on multi-race, progressive, and international issues (rainbowpush). Specifically, the Rainbow/Push Coalition works on corporate inclusion, home foreclosure, voter
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I would not join the Rainbow/Push Coalition because there have been many scandals revolving around the group. The main scandal was revealed in 2001 when Jesse Jackson, the founder of the Rainbow/Push Coalition, was caught having an extramarital affair. Later leading to an unplanned pregnancy with his mistress, Karin Stanford. Shockingly, the affair occurred while he was administering pastoral therapy to President Bill Clinton (White).
Based off the Rainbow/Push Coalition website, the group does not seem well organized. I too did not receive contact back from the group after trying to communicate with them through emailing and a one-on-one phone call. Because of this concern, I would not donate money or volunteer my time to the group. Rather, I would find a similar interest group who is more organized and active in their
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