The Rainbow Six Siege By Tom Clancy

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There is a plethora of shooting games out in the world today. They come on virtually every platform from cell phones to Computers and Xbox’s. Many good games are overlooked for the more mainstream ones such as “Call of Duty” whose games are extremely popular but at best subpar. One of the best new shooters on the market today is “Rainbow six Siege”. One of many games in the Rainbow six saga, Siege is the newest addition to Tom Clancy’s brainchild tactical shooter series. The game features realistic five on five tactical combat between two teams. One of the teams attacks, while the other defends. Rainbow six’s graphics are amazing for a console game and really has the power to immerse a casual gamer. Rainbow also has a perfect formula for mixing in futuristic gadgets with real counter terrorism style combat in small environments such as residential houses and large yachts. Every operator has there own special gadget to gain the edge in combat and trying to guess which operators the enemy team will use is crucial to survival. That being said, you do not make it very far in Rainbow six without some sort of team work and collaboration as opposed to shooters such as Call of Duty that have more of a “one vs. all” run and gun mentality. As the game is rated M for mature by the ESRB, You will need to be over eighteen to purchase it. The strong rating is due to blood, drug references, strong language and violence, which some parents may find okay for their children but some may

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