Essay on The Rainforest: More Than an Ecosystem

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An ecosystem is a community of all organisms in a given area, and the physical environment which they interact with. On the land there are terrestrial ecosystems such as forests, grasslands or rain forests; and in the water there are freshwater and marine ecosystems such as lakes and, say, coral reef. The rain forest is an energetic ecosystem. This means that the rain forest vegetation grows quickly and when dead, decomposes extremely quickly. Rain forest biome is very complex. It includes a myriad of different species of plants and animals that are all adapted to rain, and lots of it. There are different levels of plants in the rain forests. The highest are the tall trees that often, particularly in tropical rain forests, form a closed…show more content…
Probably the most obvious are the large and colorful macaws, parrots and cockatoos. Macaws are the largest parrots and they are native to Central andSouth America, Mexico and formerly Caribbean. There are many different species of macaws and some can be up to a meter long. A distinguishing feature of macaws is the leathery path on the face, which has no feathers. Other classics are the famous, long-beaked toucans. Toucans are also found in South and Central America, southern Mexico and Carribean. They are large birds with distinctive, massive beaks. There are about 40 species of them. Hummingbirds are among the world's smallest birds. There are over 300 species of them, and they are all native to Southern, Central and Northern America. They eat nectar from flowers and can hover in the same place in the air and even fly backwards. Most species live in Southern and Central America. Other remarkable birds are the beautiful pink Flamingos. There are six species of them in the world. The most common - Greater Flamingo - is found in southern Europe, parts of Africa, and southern and south west Asia. Lesser Flamingo is found in Africa and India. The other four are found in South and Central America, Caribbean and Galapagos Islands. Rainforest ecosystem, just like other ecosystems, has a trophic structure. Species in an ecosystem can be divided into different trophic levels depending on their main source of food. The first level consists of
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