The Raising of the Age You Can Get Your Driver's License Essay

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Should the age to receive a driver's license be raised and, if not, should graduated licensing be instituted? This is a growing question across America as well as other countries around our globe. The percentage of teenage accidents involving automobiles is on a constant rise. Whether caused by the lack of experience or under the influence of alcohol, death has become all too common among teen motorists. This problem is not going to go away by itself; action needs to be taken. The state must raise the age requirement to receive a license or institute graduated licensing because teens are not mature enough to handle the dangerous responsibilities of driving. We allow teens to get their licenses at an earlier age than in most countries,…show more content…
" Any way you look at it, 16 year-old drivers represent a growing problem," adds Allen Williams, senior vice president of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (CNN). Accidents that involve 16 year-old drivers are not like those involving older drivers. For one thing, 16 year-old get in trouble trying to handle unusual driving situations, even small emergencies. More often than when older people drive, such situation turn into disasters. Eighty-two percent of all 16 year old-drivers in fatal crashes during 1996 made at least one driving error that contributed to the crash. This compares with 68 percent of drivers 17-19 years old and 52 percent of drivers 25-49 years old (CNN). Training and educating programs can help teens learn driving skills, but these programs do not produce safer drivers. The only thing that's taught in driver education is how to drive legally and not responsibly. It's often not poor skills that cause the crashes in the first place. Its teenagers' attitudes. A vast majority of teens are thrill seekers, thinking they are bullet proof and invincible. "Thus the potential for death and destruction is great"(Grant14). Teens naturally tend to rebel against adult standards and regulations. Peer pressure influences teenagers much more than advice given by an adult. Today's teachers have either forgotten or they ignore the fact that 16 year-old drivers show off as soon as they get in the car with their
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