The Raleigh Sanitation Department: A Case Study

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The lack of effective leadership and management were the main contributing factors to the work stoppage of the sanitation employees. The Raleigh Sanitation Department management failed to address legitimate concerns from employees regarding works hours and compensation leading to the work stoppages. A chain of command appeared nonexistent in this department. There were no apparent implemented policies to prohibit work stoppages or strikes, no justifiable employee quality assurance processes to measure employee satisfaction, and no internal labor relations manager to settle employee complaints/grievances. Significantly, the employees concerns were voiced to the city manager and drastic measures were taken. The Director of the…show more content…
The policy regarding comp time was a good idea from management, however the implementation and follow up was poor. Therefore, the mismanagement of staff combined with the growth of the public being served created strained employee/management relations. As a step in the right directions, following the resignation of the director, a team of three employees were promoted to supervise the 200 sanitation employees. This approach promoted diplomacy within this fragile department by ensuring that the employees were aware that their leaders shared their concerns and underwent the same trials of the unit. This shift should have benefited the department by improving employee relations with management, promoting unity, and reconstructing overall moral of the workers through the idea of change. When addressing these issues, early interventions would be acceptable solutions that would assist the Raleigh Sanitation Department from future problems. Adequate job descriptions should be created/modified that explain the roles and responsibilities of staff including their work hours. An orientation and a policy manual that explains the guidelines should also be developed to outline overtime protocol as well as comp time. This should be available to all employees as needed through the HR department. Prior to accepting employment, each candidate should be encouraged to read and understand the basics pertaining to their employment. A consent

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