The Ralph 's Market Essay

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On Sunday, October 11, 2015, I took a trip to the Ralph 's market in La Canada Flintridge.
Ralph 's have hundreds of locations throughout the United States. A single Ralph’s Market contain various products ranging from organic produce to different alcoholic beverages.
Before I went to the Ralph 's Market, I had to decide what I want to know by taking this trip. One of the thing that came to my mind was to find out if organic food is still a growing trend. I planned to accomplish this by asking different customers if they liked or disliked organic foods.
The Trip
I arrived at the La Canada Ralphs around 10:30 am and decided to walk around a little bit before
I start interviewing customers. I wanted to see how the Ralphs organized their store and if there is hidden meaning behind the choices they made. Every Ralphs is a little bit different depending on the community it is in. However, the one thing that concerned me the most was the product arrangement. Markets similar to Ralphs, do not have a specific section for organic food products.
It is mixed on the shelf next to the inorganic products. This made it difficult to find organic foods and products. After I figured the store layout, I decided to stand in a few aisles to see what customers like to pick out. After they picked their products, I approached them and asked if it is okay for me to ask them a few questions about their product choices.
Customer #1
The first customer I talked to was a single
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