The Rampart Scadal and CRASH

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In the late 1990s a new corruption started in the Community Resources against Street Hoodlums or also known as CRASH anti-gang unit within the Rampart Division of the Los Angeles police department. Many officers were proven and convicted of committing unlawful beatings and shootings against gangs. Officers were also convicted for offenses such as, implanting false evidence, theft, bank robbery, distributing illegal drugs, and perjury. The Rampart scandal caused the public to be very concern towards corruption involved in law enforcement since many cases were never tried as of 2008; this demonstrated a high degree of corruption issues. (“The Rampart scandal.” WiseGeek.)
The Rampart scandal started with Officer Frank Lyga on March 18, 1997
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The trial ended with a jury that was unable to agree on a verdict. Instead of going through a re-trial, Perez admitted and pleaded guilty for stealing the cocaine, he also agreed to provide the names of the officers involved in the bank robbery. In February 24, 2000 Perez was sentenced to only five years and given immunity for his cooperation. (“Los Angeles Police Scandal and Its Roots.” WSWS) The Los Angeles police department investigators spend over 50 hours interviewing Perez, he confessed the most disturbing police murders within the Rampart anti-gang unit. For instance in 1996 CRASH officer Kulin Patel shot and killed Juan Saldana when he was running down an apartment hallway. Then Petal and his partner implanted a gun on Saldana to make it seem like he killed himself. CRASH supervisor, Sergeant Edward Ortiz, who was also involved in the murder didn’t call the ambulance right away so that the officers could make up a story. Another incident was in 1996 when Perez and his partner officer Nino Durden shot a 19 year old, Javier Ovando, in the chest and head leaving him confined in a wheelchair for life. These are just the few incidents of corruption involved in the Los Angeles Rampart Scandal. Rampart CRASH officers constantly planted drugs, guns, or any other evidence on the arrestees to fabricate a probable cause. It is said the CRASH officers would take revenge on anybody that would complaint to the LAPD about their behaviors.

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