The Range of Barriers to Effective Interpersonal Communications

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The Range of Barriers to Effective Interpersonal Communications These will look at

cultural, personal and environmental issues. The role of available

support services that are accessible to individuals, with the

restrictions on available services will be evaluated. The effectiveness with which

the skills of communication are given and received will also be evaluated.

There are many barriers to communications between a vast range of people and cultures. Barriers to communications, because of cultural differences, can arise because of the lack of understanding between each culture, this could cause a
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The way in which it is received can be a positive step towards knowledge and independence.

Environmentally there could be a fear of areas in certain cities, which hold a possibility of threat. This could be towards any age person not just elderly people. This could be because of high numbers of thefts from cars, reported physical attacks, and other crimes. These things deposit bad thoughts and negative feelings towards those areas. There could be a lack of public transport for all individuals to access, this lack could be increased if you are disabled and are restricted to a chair. If you have little or no support you would find public transport unavailable for use. Other barriers will then appear like being cut off from normal things able bodied people take for granted such as access to the shops, social events and so on. These factors can then develop other stress symptoms such as mental health symptoms, depression and can exacerbate lack of self-esteem, confidence and personal skills can lead to the development of barriers to communication that can grow into bitterness and resentment.
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