The Ranked Healthcare System Globally

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America is arguably, without a doubt one of the greatest countries to exist on this earth. Our ability to achieve anything we want to get done has proved this to be true throughout our short history. We have one of the strongest militaries, a growing economy, a diverse melting pot background, and have more protected freedom than any other country. With so many great things that make us a “perfect” country it seems almost unrealistic for us to be considered that- and it is indeed true. Even the greatest heros have a tragic downfall and America’s downfall just so happens to be their struggling healthcare system. Most would think that something so significant to a country’s ability to work properly would be worked out by now especially in the U.S.. Ranked as the 11th healthcare system globally, it seems logical that America should be trying something new, like the idea of universal healthcare, to put us on top. So what is universal healthcare and how could it magically bring the U.S. to the top of the pyramid? In a nutshell, universal healthcare can be described as a health care system which provides healthcare to all citizens of a country. Healthcare is paid for by the taxation of employers and employees and coverage is considered mandatory. Almost all medical-care services are included and paid for in this way. (Silver, George A., and Sparer, Michael S.) This is different from America in the way that the U.S. expects individuals to pay for their expenses by themselves and
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