The Rap Song By Tupac Amaru Shakur Essay

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Social inequality issues can be revealed by different kinds of artworks such as literature and songs. One of the most famous hip hop artists Tupac Amaru Shakur (Stage Name 2Pac), who experienced shooting and incarceration, produced most of his songs which revolved around controversial issues such as crime, drug and racial discrimination in the inner cities in America society in the 1990s. The rap song “Changes” that was released in 1988, two years after Tupac’s death, reflected the social discrimination towards African American under the aspects of racial prejudice and crimes. The lyric of the song demonstrated the concept of Underclass stereotype towards African Americans by Abelmann and Lie, and Wilson realistically, which provided a more comprehensive explanation for understanding Pager’s argument of the negative influence of the interaction of race and crime towards black people.
Although the song was released two years after Tupac’s death, “Changes” was one of the most important songs that remarked his legendary life. As a rapper-singer with the highest sales before 1997 according to the Guinness Book of Records, Tupac was actively concerned about the harsh living environment of the black slums and tried to improve the condition of poverty by singing sound voluntarily to raise money. Since Tupac focused mainly on social inequalities towards African Americans, “Changes” revealed the phenomenal of Police brutality, sustained poverty and crime in the urban
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