The Rape Fantasies Of A Fun Home. Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

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The Rape Fantasies of a Fun Home Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic is a 2006 graphic memoir written by American cartoonist and memoirist Alison Bechdel. Alison began her career by illustrating and writing comic strips for Dykes to Watch Out which debuted in 1983. Alison Bechdel was an LGBT activist who tells her unraveling story recalling her early years about struggling with self-identity while coming to understand her father 's enclosed identity as well. Contrary, Rape Fantasies was written and published by Margaret Atwood. Atwood is an Canadian poet and novelist who gained public attention by a collection of poems called Double Persephone in 1893. Many of Atwood 's poems are inspired by myths and fairytales that sheds light on women…show more content…
"A Feminine Man Is a Powerful Thing to Be". Alison 's father is obsessed with decorating, he is seen at work reading a book called Architectural Digest. Decorating is his passion, and is the reason why his relationship with his children was so strained and damaged. Alison always felt like her dad put furniture and materialistic objects before the love and compassion a parent is suppose to show their children. Alison states "And of course, my brothers and I were free labor. Dad considered us extensions of his own body, like precision robot arms" (Bechdel, 9). Bruce was a perfectionist in every aspect. He insisted the vase of flowers to sit at a certain angle and that the picture on the wall hung just the way he liked. Bruce shows even more signs of zest when he yells at Alison because her neckline did not match her outfit. Something as simple as matching that most masculine men would not care about is one of Bruce 's pet peeves. Bruce 's erratic behavior is overwhelming for his family that they started to resent him for the way he treated them. "I grew to resent the way my father treated his furniture like children, and his children like furniture" (Bechdel, 14). The way Bruce treated his kids was child abandonment, the only time he deals with his children is when it comes

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