The Rape Kits Should Not Be Tested

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Why Backlogged Rape Kits Should Not Be Tested Imagine being an overworked investigator. More and more cases flood the desks of everyone, even though they are already pushed to their breaking point. Each person tries to handle each case that comes in, but some of these cases have no hope of ever becoming trials. Should not those cases be dropped, so investigators can focus on current cases that need immediate attention? This scenario ensues everyday in not only the offices of police and investigators, but also forensic laboratories. Even though this situation happens presently, it does not have to continue in severity, and not testing backlogged rape kits will halt this scenario from becoming worse. Backlogged rape kits should not be tested due to the massive amount of burdens and the insignificant amount of benefits that would arise as a result of having all backlogged rape kits tested. Testing all backlogged rape kits (also known as sexual assault kits) places colossal burden on government employees. Analyzing all untested rape kits stresses forensic laboratories. Ritter states that, “the demand for DNA testing continues to outstrip the capacity” (40). This information portrays that forensic laboratories that test DNA found in rape kits cannot handle any more kits, since the laboratories already have too much genetic information to test. Because the labs already have a tremendous amount of DNA to test, adding to that amount will only stress workers. Since the
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