The Rape Of A Rape Victim

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I want to put you in the shoes of a rape victim. Let us say you are walking home alone one night after hanging out with a couple of friends who live a few minutes down the road from you. It is a hot summer night so you are wearing shorts and a tank top, a little revealing? Maybe. You are walking home, not thinking about anything in particular considering it is a walk you have walked many times before. You suddenly hear noises and notice somebody behind you, but think nothing of it considering it is summer; everybody is usually out late partying during the summer. You started thinking more when the steps got closer, louder, and more aggressive. You turn around and see nothing but you start to walk a little faster. You are getting worried.…show more content…
You were out late, alone, and dressed a little revealing. You are told you wanted it, you were dressed in provocative manner; maybe you are even called horrible names like a slut or a whore. It was not your intention right? According to many people, you have no case if you wanted to go to court. You have no proof do you? Your predator is now out there with no punishment and with the ability to be able to do that to someone else meanwhile you are left with an awfully traumatic memory that you are starting to believe is your fault. People face this every single day and it has become known as rape culture. Victims are left to believe it is their fault somebody thought it would be just fine to take the innocence of another human being for no reason. Rape, which is defined as the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse, has always been a problem in society but it recently has become something bigger than just a fight about proving whether someone raped the other person or not. ( Recently, cases have come to the point where if the victim was a female, she is questioned on what she was wearing and whether or not she was intoxicated. When people question the victim based on what scenery she/he was in and whether or not she was showing more skin than she should have it is called rape culture. ( Rape culture is defined as a concept which links rape and sexual
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