The Rape Of A Rape Victim

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I want to put you in the shoes of a rape victim. Let us say you are walking home alone one night after hanging out with a couple of friends who live a few minutes down the road from you. It is a hot summer night so you are wearing shorts and a tank top, a little revealing? Maybe. You are walking home, not thinking about anything in particular considering it is a walk you have walked many times before. You suddenly hear noises and notice somebody behind you, but think nothing of it considering it is summer; everybody is usually out late partying during the summer. You started thinking more when the steps got closer, louder, and more aggressive. You turn around and see nothing but you start to walk a little faster. You are getting worried. Suddenly you feel somebody behind you. You want to turn around but know you do not have the courage to do it. Now you are scared. You are grabbed. You are in complete shock that this is happening to you so you do not scream, yell, or cry. You never thought something bad would happen, right? Turns out you were wrong. You are being held against your will now. You try to push your attacker away but he is stronger than you. As you are trying to get away he is laughing. You did not know what to expect. Could you be held at gun point? Are you going to get out? Was this planned? What intrigued him? Minutes go by and he leaves. You were just raped. Forced. You had no say in what happened. When you finally gain the courage to tell somebody what…

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