Essay about The Rape and Abuse of Women in the Military

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The military has become the epicenter for rape and abuse of women, all of which military officials have swept aside with all too little concern. Case after case of rape and sexual harassment are dismissed with little to no investigation made. The women of the military live scared of their male superiors and colleagues, and what they might do. Victims of sexual harassment or rape often see their pursuers honorably discharged and returned to society with no criminal record.

This is not to say, however, that all men in the military commit sex crimes. In fact, the case seems to be far from to a rape victim who states, "I had close friends I could talk to about it [her rape]. I had all the women on the ship behind me a hundred percent. I
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You don't realize how low we have to get. You have to be simple. This is not being taught at home." (Pease, 4/26)

Even with the few meek attempts being made to stop the sex crimes in the United States Armed Forces, the truth is still that there is a cover up of enormous proportion in progress. No woman is totally secure. Everybody from women in the military to young women on the streets are vulnerable to this horrendous crime spree that has been going on for the past several years in the military. The worst part of this abuse is the fact that any women that are abused usually see their pursuers released with practically no penalty to them whatsoever, and it is very rare to see a woman's pursuer convicted.

Less than two years ago, on labor day weekend, there were several United States troops in Okinawa, Japan. Four of these troops met in Naha at a club. They joked about grabbing a girl from the town to have some fun. One man refused, while the remaining three, two marines and a sailer went searching for a girl. The three men rented a white Subaru Sedan and noticed a girl walking alone, a twelve year old elementary school student.

The three grabbed the girl and tossed her into the back seat. They bound her arms and legs with tape, as well as shutting her eyes and mouth with tape. They then parked and carried her onto an empty beach. They removed the tape, and at least two of

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