The Rapid Spread of Blogging in Lebanon

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Some are better at it than others” (Hugh Macleod, n.d.).
With the rapid advance and spread of technology, blogging gained a wide interest worldwide. There are now over 152,000,000 blogs on the internet. This phenomenon has also reached Lebanon to become a way in which any person could express his opinions and thoughts freely and share them with the world. Many Lebanese blogs have gained fame with time; they discussed issues of interest to everyone and recent activities and events, as well as provided entertainment and leisure to the public. One of these blogs is “A Separate State of Mind”. This blog has been active for three years, run by Elie Fares, a medical student. Another blog “Hummus For Thought” has been active for almost three years as well, run by Joey Ayoub, a blogger. “A Separate State of Mind” has by far been the most successful between both blogs in Lebanon and the region; it has grown fast, serving its audience’s needs, and thus attracting more and more followers. The author of “Hummus For Thought” has been posting on a regular basis since the blog’s establishment. The posts are mainly social, with many political ones regarding Lebanon and the region, as well as stories and entertainment such as movies. The posts are always up-to-date and include recent activities and events. The author includes his own opinions and experiences into his posts, which are always about causes close to his heart,…

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