The Rate Of Adolescent Suicide

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No matter how rich or how poor you are at some point in life you will go through a tough time. This is just the way the world works. For some people it can just be a hard period in their lives. For others it can be a sign of depression which can lead them to suicidal thoughts and perhaps even the act of committing suicide. It doesn’t matter your age, race, religion, or gender people of all kinds end up taking their own lives because of depression or unfortunate events in their life. A particular group which should be focused on is adolescents. The period of adolescent can be a very difficult perhaps even the most difficult part of one’s life. A lot of different changes are occurring at this time. It could be puberty which not only…show more content…
The teen years usually lead to a ton of self-examination, asking yourself such questions as “who am I?” and “why don’t I fit in?” If you are already experiencing depression this can only make it worse and bring you closer to taking your own life (Kittleson, N.D.). Researchers (Stewart, Kim, and Gold, 2015) have said “suicide is the second leading cause of death among adolescents, and depressed youth are six times more likely to make suicide attempts than as compared to non-depressed adolescents.” This data is a clear indicator that the major cause of suicide is depression. The next question being what causes depression? The signs of depression are people who feel hopeless, overwhelmed, or even angry. Also people who suffer from depression may have low energy levels daily and day-to day tasks may feel difficult to accomplish. It also may be hard for them to maintain relationships that are important to them. Suffering from all of these signs for a period of time may reveal that this person is suffering from depression (Kittleson, N.D.). During the time period of adolescent people are already experiencing quick change moods and behavior because of puberty. The way to tell that apart from depression is because depressive behavior last for weeks or even longer (Roesch, N.D.) This is a key thing to watch out for to make sure the person you are dealing with is suffering from depression and not just the mood swings of an adolescent person. Depression is a
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