The Rate Of Cesarean Deliveries

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The rate of cesarean deliveries (CD) has risen 48% in the United States since 1996. In the US, the total percentage of women who deliver their babies via cesarean section is 32.7%, which is more than double what the World Health Organization recommends. WHO suggests that 10% to15% is medically necessary (Almendrala, 2015). There is a large variance of cesarean rates among ethnic groups, and studying these communities can possibly help us identify the reasons for these discrepancies. Nationally, Native Americans have a low percentage of cesarean sections (Leeman, 2003). In Oklahoma, 34.3% of Native American women have Cesarean deliveries. The number of CDs by Native American women specifically in Oklahoma County is slightly less than the state average at 33.7% (March of Dimes, n.d.). Research promotes the need for a decrease in the percentage of cesarean deliveries, and I specifically want to come up with a plan to educate Native American women of childbearing age in Oklahoma County about the risks of elective cesarean deliveries when vaginal birth is an option.
While cesarean deliveries are medically necessary for a small percentage of the population, CDs are gaining more and more skepticism as science progresses. Well-known side effects are neonatal depression due to the anesthesia, fetal injury, respiratory distress, and delayed breastfeeding. The increasing trend of CD has concurrently seen a positive correlation with autoimmune diseases such as type 1 diabetes,…
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