The Rate Of Chronic Illnesses And The Solution Involves The Need For Preventative Care Essay

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Many believe there is a solution to help lower the rates of chronic illnesses and the solution involves the need for preventative care. How can the government point the fault at the people for not taking the measures if there is no way they can budget it in? Choosing between their lives and putting basic needs in the house, puts a drastic toll on the people’s overall health. There have been several debates whether the social class biases in diet qualities and dietary health and how it prohibits Americans from healthy eating. Because of how food cost is measured. Most of the nation can’t even afford simple blood work that could potentially save their life in the future. It is estimated that there are between 20,000 and 45,000 deaths a year due to lack of health insurance. More than 130,000 Americans died between 2005-2010 because they went without screen and preventative care (Obamacare Facts). People that do not have insurance are more likely to delay or even go without medical care. So something so simple as my fathers blood work that changed his diet and his basic lifestyle prevented him from potentially having a stroke and could have killed him. So few Americans like my mother, are fortunate to receive health benefits from a companies, like Frito Lay, and could afford the deductible and receive the care they need. Over 31 million Americans are not so fortunate; 40 million Americans are expected to go uninsured by 2025 (Obamacare Facts). If our nation is struggling to
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