The Rate Of Emergency Room Visits

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The following statistical data from the CDC provided the group with incite as to who is more likely to have a traumatic brain injury and by which mechanism. The rates of traumatic brain injury (TBI) related emergency department visits, categorized by gender show that every year men have a higher amount of emergency department visits because of TBIs (concussions) compared to women. Referring to the Appendix G, men’s emergency department visits have increased more than 50% from the years 2001-2010, from 494.6 to 800.4. The rate of women visiting the emergency department because of a TBI accident increased from 349.3 to 633.7, which also increased by almost 50% ("TBI by Sex”, 2014).
The CDC also provided data of traumatic brain injuries related to emergency department visits by age in the year 2001-2010. Overall, the data in the Appendix H states that the emergency department visits related to traumatic brain injuries have increased for all age groups.
The data in Appendix I shows the rate of emergency room visits related to traumatic brain injuries by age and mechanism of the injury. The list of mechanisms of injury includes motor vehicle traffic, struck by/against, falls, assault, unknown, and all other causes. Falls seems to be the leading cause mechanism of traumatic brain injuries in all age groups except age 15-24 years old. The leading cause for TBI mechanism in this age group is assault. Also in this age group and age group 25-44 years old all mechanism of injury…

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