The Rate Of Healthcare Services

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Introduction: Access to healthcare has been considered a major reason behind many adverse health outcomes and it is attributed to be the primary reason or and intermediate factor which increases infant morbidity and mortality. [1] However, it is equally important to understand the pattern of utilization of healthcare services, when they are made available and accessible. Awareness about the available healthcare facilities and the importance of prevention over intervention is of utmost importance to support the measures taken to make access to healthcare available for all. Since October 2013, 47 states and District of Columbia physicians who have undergone a continuing medical education course are permitted by Department of Health Care Finance to provide and bill for oral health screenings and fluoride varnishes in children less than 3 years of age, as a measure to extend the preventive health force. [2] Numerous attempts made to educate the population about the importance of maintaining dental health have shown little effect, however it took one incident to make a huge difference at individual and policy level. In 2007, the death of 12-year old Deamonte driver due to a tooth infection leading to brain abscess raised a lot of questions for the existing issue of missing dental home linkage for pediatric Medicaid beneficiaries and children in general. Out of those eligible in Medicaid program for dental services, less than 20% children under age of 3 years received a dental
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