The Rate Of Mental Health Essay

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In this essay, research based around the rate of mental health in UK students will be discussed and analyzed. The writer will be discussing how prevalent mental health conditions are in UK students and how research has helped to impact the support of students with such conditions. According to the World Health Organization a mental illness is “generally characterized by some combination of abnormal thoughts, emotions, behavior and relationships with others”. A big problem with mental illness is defining what behaviors are normal and abnormal as to do so it involves a judgment, but societies ideas of what is “normal” are subjective. There are a variety of mental health illnesses and according to the DSM-5 there are 271 psychological disorders which it has listed and categorized into groups such as eating disorders and mood disorders. The DSM-5 is a manual for diagnosing psychological disorders and aims to help professionals make objective decisions when diagnosing people with disorders, and although is widely used, it does focus a large amount on surface behaviors and not enough on what is causing people to act and or think a certain way. The DSM-5 also relies a lot on symptoms for putting people into categories for their maldaptive behaviors but, in reality mental health conditions are a lot more complicated - “a person may have some of the symptoms of one disorder and some of the symptoms of another and their symptoms may change in different surroundings” (Dalal and
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