The Rate Of Youth Gangs

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When I moved from Sudan and came to the United States, I landed in a rough area of Philadelphia, PA. I remember the first day I attended school in the United States. One thing that caught my attention at school was that different groups of students will often get together and fight against each other. This was different for me due to the fact that in Sudan (as far as I remember), people fought one on one and I was not exposed to gangs back home. Since I was new to the country and my English was very bad, I was vulnerable to being bullied. In fact, I was bullied. I was tired of being a victim and was so interested in joining one of the gangs for protection. Then, I realized that these gangs were involved in all sort criminal activities which discouraged me from joining one of the gangs in school. In this paper, I will first discuss the rate of youth gangs and some of their contributions to violence. Second, I will discuss three reasons for youth gang membership.
When we think of the word "gangs" we usually don’t see an image of youth in our heads, we automatically tend to see an image of male adults with tattoos, guns, drugs, etc. However, this is not always the case; some gang members are also juveniles. A data from Denver 's self-reported youth survey alone, found that 47 percent of gang members were ages 12 to 14, 31 percent were ages 15 to 16, and 22 percent were ages 17 to 18. (Robert, Herbert, & Scott, 2016) When looking at the number of active youth gangs nationally,…

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