The Rational Approach Is An Ideal Model For Decision Making

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The rational approach is considered an ideal model for decision making; this model based on a systematic four step process to analysis the problem followed by a four step process to develop and implement the solution in a logical step by step sequence. While the rational approach is the optimum decision making process, the new emergency room manager will be faced with pressures to quickly delivery results so mostly likely not have the time and resources to evaluate every alternative. In addition, when making decision the manager should be aware of biases that might impact their decision making in both the problem identification stage and solution development stage. Anchoring bias results in the mind giving disproportionate weight to the first information that is received; since the issue of delay of patient being seen is so high profile, the anchoring bias might result in insufficient focus given to possibility of wider opportunity for improvement. The confirming evidence trap bias could also limit effective decision making so limiting the analysis to only seek out information that supports current point of view a while avoiding or ignoring information that contradicts the existing viewpoint.
The new manager for the emergency room must adapt a flexible leadership style that addresses various needs of different employees; the manager must also focus on building trust, understanding work environment, and clarifying underlying issues to improve…

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