The Rational Thinking Is Very Powerful Word

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Introduction The Rational Thinking is very powerful word as it help us in making a decision which is appropriate. As in rational thinking there is logical and reasonable thinking and the decision maker is free from all the restriction such as sentiment. So the decision is made on the basis of original facts and knowledge not on the sentiment. As all the people have the ability to make the logical decision to every problem but they face a sentiment due to which they usually take decision without thinking about the reason. Moreover it can be said that what we think, our opinions matter how we are going to take decision. But the humans are not very good in thinking rationally because they believe in applying shortcuts to problem so that…show more content…
So that the decision they make is good in all prospective. (Gareth R.Jones, 2013) The benefits of rational thinking as a process is making thinking visible i.e. if any person is seeing the solution of some problem he/she cannot guess how it is computed means he/she can only able to understand the conclusion or the answer but if the problem is break-down into steps it is easy to understand each step which also help in learning and understanding the thoughts of some other person too. Learning new skills is another benefits of the rational thinking as a person enhance his skill of solving a problem by breaking it which will help a person to rise his thinking power to solve a problem. Moreover, helping other in improving their thinking capabilities as if we are thinking it as a process we can help other in improving their ability to think as in Cricket a couch help his player to overcome its problems .Other than that it can be applied in a new situation because if you know the knowledge of the rational thinking you can apply it on the different situation you find in solving that.. The approach to the rational thinking is same as we do work in our everyday life i.e. we cook our food daily so to cook a food, we require inputs like vegetables and then process it and the output we get, we can eat it. So the rational thinking is also a same
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