The Rationale Behind Rwandan Foreign Policy

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Despite these challenges, it was necessary for me to conduct elite interviews with government policy makers through field research. Intrinsic case study research methodology was the primary instrument in the gathering and interpretation of this thesis. I wanted to study in order to learn, understand and explain the rationale behind Rwandan foreign policy. Rwanda’s horrific history with the inactions of the international community made the case study appear to be very interesting. There are only a handful of modern post-genocide states whose foreign relations is at some level dictated by how the international community responded to the massive human rights violations. For Rwanda, the reaction was minimal during the massacres, but grew…show more content…
This period holds significance in creating an environment of trust between policy makers and me. These early interactions made it significantly easier for me to conduct more targeted interviews during my second research period. Rather than worrying about fraying relationships with interviewees who could stop any future interview, I could fall back on the prior relationship if the interviewee felt irritated about my questions. For example, during an interview with General Joseph Nzabamwita I was able to press him on the subject of a conspiracy against Rwanda. He insisted that there was an international plot of some type conspiring to prevent Rwandan development. When I asked to explain more, he would refuse and instead comment how it was my responsibility to provide validity to Rwanda’s past and current actions. I was able to press General Nzabamwita more on his comments because I did not worry about causing tension and loss my privileges to interview him in the future. The relationship I created with him during the first leg of the field research provided me with a cushion in order to press for answers without fear of repercussions. Examples of this occurred throughout the second period of my field research. After the first period of research finished, I travelled to London in order to collect and review the current literature on Rwandan foreign policy. This in-between field work period focused on
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