The Rationalization Of Global Warming

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Rationalization of Global Warming
Global Warming is one of the most recent discussions within the scientific community and throughout its path towards acceptance scientist in agreeance with the model have to provide evidence of support for their claim. Kuhn’s process of discovery states that normal science is only thrown into a paradigm shift when a crisis emerges within the paradigm and the discoveries within the crisis lead to a revolution towards a new normal science. Within the scientific community of global warming, the discoveries were preceded by observations that are accurately described by Kuhn’s view of scientific revolution.
Thomas S. Kuhn theorized on the process of science and how science is determined from one phase to the
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The only way to begin shift is with the insertion of crisis into the community. Thus realizations that show the natural powers are not as impregnable to humanity as previously thought has to be the beginning of the discovery of the realization of global warming.
The discovery of ice ages on earth began the insertion of anomalies within the community. As Weart exclaimed, “it was not the vague possibility of global warming that intrigued the few people who thought about climate change, but the stupendous advance and retreat of continental ice sheets” (11). By attempting to solve the puzzle of the how and why the ice sheets expanded and retreated over time scientists stumbled upon anomalies that did not fit within the existing rules of how the climate operates. Attempts to understand included theories on shifting platonic plate, volcanic eruptions blocking the sun, the turnover rate of the oceans ability to absorb heat from the sun to the anthropogenic effects of deforestation. Eventually all lead to test and experiments that still resulted in the current paradigm thinking. That whatever the forces are that can manipulate the climate have to be greater than any forces we, as humans, can impart to the environment (Weart).
At this time in the history of the realization of global warming the anomalies produced came from the sciences relatively close to the subject matter, to include;
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