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Literary Terms to Know

Literary Term | Words that mean the same or can be used in conjunction with the term. | Style Analysis | Author’s use of styleAuthor’s use of languageAuthor’s use of rhetorical strategies | Tone | Mood, Attitude | Diction | Word Choice, Language, Figurative Language,Figures of Speech | Detail | Imagery | Point of View | Narrator, Perspective | Organization | Narrative Structure: chronological order, cause and effect, order of importance, flash-forward, flashback, problem-solution | Syntax | Sentence Structure |

Please Note: Diction, detail, point of view, organization and syntax are all devices that the author uses to make the tone of the story evident to the reader. Your commentary should
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Here is an example:
Commentary #l: feeling of adversary vs. adversary
Commentary #2: snake knows its power but holds back; doesn't want to fight but signals that it will defend itself if necessary.
Commentary does not mean paraphrasing the quotation sentence; it means thinking about the feeling behind the quotations and the reader’s response to these words and phrases. Within the two points, the commentary talks about all three quotations.
Now look at your quotation sentence. Think of two points of commentary for your choices and write them below: 4. Commentary #l: 5. Commentary #2:

What you have just done is to jot down ideas for the first chunk of this paragraph on diction analysis. Each body paragraph must have at least two chunks to be fully developed; it may have three chunks if you have time and more to say. Remember, too, to give a sense of closure to the last sentence of each body paragraph.
Remember that detail means the specifics in the story. This may include the time and place as well as any details that appeal to the sense of sight, hearing, taste, touch or smell. Look back at The Rattler and underline 6 details. 6. Then, write an explanation that connects the details to the tone. Detail (usually 2-8 words) | Explanation | “After sunset, I walked out into the desert” | The darkness makes the narrator more vulnerable to danger. | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Before you start the detail

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