The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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The poem I selected is “The Raven” written by popular American writer, Edgar Allan Poe. I chose this poem because of previous memories of reading several of Edgar Allan Poe’s writings. I remember in 8th grade when my teacher introduced the whole class to a short story called “The Tell Tale Heart”. I loved the poem a lot, I liked how gory, detailed, and interesting it was. It went perfectly for the time of year it was, which was October. Soon after we were done reading the poem, the whole grade went on a class trip, to see live performances of several of Poe’s short stories and poems being performed by actors. It was fun and the actors were very talented and they captured every emotion perfectly. Overall, it was a very good experience. This poem reminds me of The poem that I selected is perfect for the Fall time and Halloween. The poem is very detailed and long and has a eerie, spooky vibe to it. As you read the poem you start imagining what is happening, like a movie. Or a picture book in your head. Summary/ Analysis The poem sets in a town near the woods in the wintertime of December at night. The poem begins with the narrator reading a book at his house and he is about to fall asleep, but is fighting the urge to. He keeps thinking his love Lenore, even though they are no longer together. He hears someone at the door and answers politely and then come outs and finds no one there. He is afraid and scared since he is all alone by himself. He figures out

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