The Ravine Character Analysis

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Does Vinny really mean it when he says Joe-Boy is his best friend In the story, “The ravine”? Vinny and Joe-Boy are 15 year old boys that were born in Hawaii. They are heading to the ravine to swim and jump off a 50 foot precipice.Vinny and Joe-Boy are best friends . Also Joe-Boy and Vinny are different that doesn’t mean they’re completely different, they are still similar in a few ways, they might be friends , but they are also very different and still alike. In the text “The Ravine”, one of the character traits of vinny is that he is scared, in the text Vinny says, it is too soon, way too soon, also he is scared of what his friends might say if he says that his mom said that he can’t go to the ravine, this is a way of saying…show more content…
So he stands up for himself, which shows he is strong. Joe-Boy is a bad friend, he was teasing Vinny about the dead boy in the text it says “ Are you going to let your mom control your life or what”? And” you going to jump down and touch the dead boy’s face beneath the rock”. That shows that he is getting out of Vinny’s comfort zone, which makes him a mean friend. VInny and Joe-Boy are boys and 15 years old. It says that on page 3, Mo, Joe Boy, Vinny, and Joe boys haole girlfriend Starlene all 15. They are both hawian it says that starlene is the only haole one, it also shows it with dialect , and the legends also old island tricks that they know from hawi. They are are also similar in the way that they are both friends- Vinny and Joe-boy are friends, the author wrote that “Vinny:,his best Friend, Joe-Boy’’this tells me that if Vinny says that Joe-Boy is his best friend that they are Friend Vinny and Joe-Boy are similar they are also different too maybe more than the other but still the same and in the same way different in more ways Vinny is a scared, weak, good friend.Joe-Boy is a brave, strong, but yet is a bad friend Even though Joe-Boy and Vinny are different they are still the same in a few ways they are boys 15 and friends. Although Joe-Boy is a big bazzoz controlling at the beginning of the story, Vinny finds that standing up to his
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