The Reading Class For A Whole Group Setting

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The reading class was working in a whole group setting, using the READ180 book. Each student had a book and worksheet at their desk. During this time Ms. Smisko asked comprehension questions, had the students read a loud, and then completed a worksheet independently.

When instruction began, Ms. Smisko directed the students to open to page 60. Mickey did so promptly and waited quietly for the next instruction. Ms. Smisko asked pre-reading questions and told the students to raise their hands to answer. Mickey called out and was redirected by the teacher. Mickey followed the redirection and rose his hand a minute later to answer the question.

Ms. Smisko asked the students to raise their hands if they feel their parents don’t understand them. Mickey proceeds to bend over and touch the floor, loudly yelling, “My hands are on the floor!” Ms. Smisko did not pay attention to him and Mickey got up.

The class proceeded to read a loud. During this time, Mickey was playing with his pencil, not following along on the correct page or at times, reading ahead of the class. Ms. Smisko redirected Mickey twice during the reading by pointing to the correct spot in the text. Mickey was also mumbling to himself silently.

Ms. Smisko asked the class, “Why would someone want to run away?” Mickey raised his hand and did not answer the question that she asked. He explained where he would go if he ran away. Ms. Smisko allowed him to explain and moved on to the next student.

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