The Reading Inventory Performance Assessment Essay

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Ayden was given the Basic Reading Inventory Performance assessment during session two. The assessment tests sight word recognition, oral reading, and comprehension. Ayden was only able to get through the first two, sight words and oral reading, before becoming extremely frustrated. He recognized 3 out of the 20 pre-primer sight words and was able to get through about half of the pre-primer passage before he became too frustrated to continue. Pre-primer is late Kindergarten, early first grade reading level. Ayden was given an interest and reading attitude survey. These surveys allowed us to get to know what Ayden liked and didn’t like, and what we could include during the sessions to help him focus. Ayden showed high interest in reading in general, and while we could not actually get through the interest survey because of distraction issues, he was able to give us a small list of things he enjoyed, such as Sponge Bob and dogs. Based on his assessment, we knew Ayden needed help in decoding words and phonemic awareness. Clinic Sessions Summary: (You need to explain that from the assessments and activities from the first 3 sessions, you chose a Georgia standard as a focus for the tutoring sessions. Give the standard and highlight the part you focused on, Discuss the strategies you used, the graphic organizers, anchor charts, etc. Just a brief description of them will be enough. Summarize the sessions) There were two standards that we focused on during the session. The two
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