The Readmission Rate Of Hocking Valley Community Hospital

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The main goal (or purpose) of this EBP proposal is to decrease the readmission rate of Hocking Valley Community Hospital (HVCH) to less than 4%, with an intended goal of 2% or less and increasing patient satisfaction by initiating comprehensive discharge planning. Quality goals are to improve the discharge process giving the patient the resources and information they need to transition safely from hospital to home, rehab center, assisted living or nursing home. Quality measures include a reduction in the readmission rate, increased patient satisfaction and increased success in the patient discharge.
Step 2: Locate the Best Evidence
Hospital readmission rate has gained attention over the last few years because it reveals the
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al, 2003). A systematic review of research consisting of effective discharge planning and how it affects hospital readmission rates was conducted. The review identified that effective discharge planning does have a direct correlation with the reduction of readmission rates. Patients that understand their diagnosis, medications and what to expect tend to have a better transition to home or nursing home. Also patients given support and information related to new medications and diagnosis are more successful at managing their health at home. Including the PCP is a great way to ensure the patient will have the necessary care and support to continue to succeed at home.
Search Strategy
The following databases were reviewed for this systemic review: CINAHL Plus, MEDLINE, ERIC and Cochrance. The following journals were reviewed and information obtained for this systemic review: Nursing Times, Journal of Gerontological Nursing and The American Journal of Nursing. The following expert organizations were reviewed: World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). This systematic review was conducted by searching for “Effective discharge planning; does it decrease hospital readmission rates?”. The search was further limited by information that was published within the last five years and in the United States.
Step 3: Critically Analyze the Evidence
There is an
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