The Reagan Administration Had On America And Government

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In The Wars of Watergate Stanley Kutler accurately “described Watergate as ‘the nations most sustained political conflict and severest constitutional crisis since the Great Depression’” (Qtd. in Hillstrom, 2004, p.75). But that incident was just the key that unlocked a worm hole of unlawful activities that Richard Nixon’s administration was involved in. Some claim that the system established by the founders more than two hundred years ago was unequipped to handle the demands of the 20th century (Mosher, 1974, p.16), which may explain it all. When one administration can monopolize power, control other governmental agencies, and commit as much illegal atrocities as Nixon’s did, people start to question the overall design in the system and whether or not they can actually trust it. This is the legacy of Nixon. This paper will examine the most critical impacts that the Nixon administration had on America and government. After the resignation of Nixon, the government witnessed a disintegrating relationship between them and the media, the limiting of the president’s powers and the increasing dissent of the American people.
There was a time where media and the government worked alongside each other in a symbiotic relationship, such as with President Franklin D. Roosevelt during his Fireside Chats in the midst of the Great Depression. The media’s job was to promote FDR and help him keep the American people informed on what he was getting done in Washington. Even if the media and…
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